HILLSBORO, Ore. – Hillsboro High School football coach Adam Reese was placed on administrative leave while officials look into an undisclosed incident that allegedly happened during the team’s game against Milwaukie on Oct. 13.

Principal Lou Bailey sent the following letter to staff and football parents:

Dear Hilhi Staff and Football Parents,

Typically we would not proactively share information about confidential personnel matters, however we have been contacted by the media regarding a current situation so I wanted to give you a heads-up as it is likely to be on tonight’s news.

Coach Adam Reese is currently on administrative leave as we look into an incident that allegedly took place at the Hilhi vs. Milwaukie football game on October 13, 2016. Putting staff members on administrative leave is a normal part of the process we follow as we conduct investigations.

Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to share additional details at this time.

Thank you for understanding.

Lou Bailey


On Tuesday, a district spokesperson was not providing many more details, and asked for patience to let the investigation process play out.

"We’re just not saying much more about it out of concern for all parties involved, honestly not just coach Reese but the students and families – everybody deserves some due process here and we’re doing our best to do that," said spokesperson Beth Graser. When asked in law enforcement is involved in the investigation, Graser responded by saying, "Not at this time."