With a combined record of 4-7, this hasn't been a banner college football season so far for the Oregon Ducks or Oregon State Beavers.

But it's not only on the field where the Ducks and Beavers are struggling. According to a new report, Oregon and Oregon State are floundering off the field as well.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the two worst academic programs in the Pac-12 are Oregon and Oregon State.

The academic rankings are the product of a collaboration between The Wall Street Journal and Times High Education. In September, they published a set of rankings measuring all U.S. colleges and universities. The rankings were based on the schools' academic strength, as well as other factors such as salaries earned by graduates.

The Wall Street Journal looked at the power five conferences (Big 12, SEC, Pac-12, SEC, Big 10) and ordered their schools by their academic rankings.

In the Pac-12, Oregon is ranked last among the schools with an overall national ranking of 375. Oregon State is ranked second to last with a ranking of 315.

Here's the list of the complete Pac-12 academic rankings with their overall national rank in parentheses:

  1. Stanford (1)
  2. USC (15)
  3. UCLA (26)
  4. California (37)
  5. Washington (61)
  6. Arizona State (131)
  7. Arizona (162)
  8. Colorado (186)
  9. Washington State (256)
  10. Utah (311)
  11. Oregon State (315)
  12. Oregon (375)

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