WASHOUGAL, Wash. -- A Washougal man caught in the Las Vegas shooting is trying to reconnect with a stranger and the victim the pair helped save.

Jake Collins, 38, remembered the gunfire and the people from that night.

“You could see them falling, you didn't know if they're tripping or getting hit,” said Collins. What he couldn’t remember were the names of two women he met in the chaos after the shooting.

Collins was at the concert with his wife, sister and brother-in-law, when the shooter opened fire.

“We just wanted to get home to our kids,” recalled Collins.

Once his family was safe, Collins, an EMT, went back to help. He found a woman who'd been shot twice in the back, hiding between two cars.

“She was brave,” said Collins. “She was talking to me the whole time.”

Collins said another woman, also an EMT, offered her help.

“She came back with actual medical supplies and we were able to get her patched up,” he said.

Collins carried the injured woman to a nearby ambulance and that's when the three strangers parted ways.

“We gave each other a hug, had a cry and exchanged names,” said Collins. “But after you go through that, you just kind of forget everything.”

Collins wanted to remember both women's names. He even wrote to The Ellen Show asking for help reconnecting the trio.

Collins thought the EMT lived in San Bernardino, and that she mentioned she was studying to be a physician’s assistant. He said she might have been Hispanic. Collins said the victim they helped had blonde hair and both women appeared to have been in their 20s.

“I want to meet up with them and see how they're both doing,” said Collins. “I want to find the victim as well as the EMT. I have an idea what she's going through.”

Collins hoped anyone who read this story would post in on social media and share it with their friends, especially those with a connection to the Las Vegas shooting.

“I'm not looking for 15 minutes of fame,” said Collins. “I just want to know that she's OK… that they're both OK.”