PORTLAND, Ore. – Surveillance cameras captured an attempted robbery at Pappy's Bar and Grill Sunday morning.

Just after 7 a.m. a man walked into Pappy’s Bar and Grill on Northeast 82nd Avenue, and held out a gun. The man is seen putting on a mask as he enters the business, which had just opened for the day.

The man demanded that the two customers get on the ground. Then he walked into the back, into the kitchen area, looking for the bartender, not seeing that she was hiding behind the counter.

Customer John French says he didn’t want to get on the ground. Instead, he decided to run out of the business. That’s when the suspect chased after French.

“He went into the kitchen, and I scattered, I’m not dropping on the floor and having some guy put a gun to my head,’ said French.

Cameras still rolling, the two men start fighting and the suspect hits French on the head with the gun. Then he takes off running, across 82nd Avenue and around the block, as the bartender frantically calls 911.

Police were unable to find the suspect, who didn’t end up taking anything, or hurting anyone. Many at Pappy’s say French was the hero of the day, for getting the suspect to run outside, and eventually run away.

“On my resume, through life, I can say I’ve been never been pistol-whipped before,” laughed French, who has a wound on his face, and is once again, back at his favorite spot a day after he was hit in the face. “I worked on a horse ranch and you know, if a horse throws you, you know what you do? You get back on that horse.”

Portland police are looking to see if this is connected to recent robberies.