VANCOUVER, Wa -- A Vancouver family is heartbroken. Their missing dog was found again after almost two years, but they say Hazel Dell Animal Hospital gave the dog to the wrong family. Hazel Dell Animal Hospital tells KGW-TV they gave the dog back to what they genuinely though was the right family.

MindI Levijoki says Minno is her dog, and she owned her for 9 years.  She says Minno escaped in 2015. Last week, she says, a micro-chip company finally alerted her that Minno was found.

Someone had turned Minno in to Hazel Dell Animal Hospital. And here's the twist. An animal hospital technician says Minno's mico-chip didn’t have updated info. They couldn’t get a hold of Mindi.  

They ended up giving the dog to someone else, who claimed to be the owner, and say the dog seemed thrilled to be reunited with her family.

Now Mindi is heartbroken. She says the animal hospital won’t give her the number of the woman who has Minno, which is why she’s going to court today to file a lawsuit.

“I just hope that we get Minno back as soon as possible and I hope that the family that has her right now, I hope they adopt a dog from the humane society. She was with me at birth when I had my son, you know, and she’s protected him for 9 years. She’s a member of the family,” said Mindi.

Mindi says her phone number was outdated on the mico-chip, but says her e-mail and address were correct.

As for the animal hospital, they tell KGW-TV they can’t give Mindi this woman’s name, because law enforcement told them not to.  They say they have done everything they can, and  have asked the woman to return the dog, but at this time, she will not.

Mindi says Animal Control told her this is a civil case, not a criminal case, which is why she is going to the courthouse today.