PORTLAND, Ore – TriMet says a rumor circulating on Facebook about immigration agent raids on buses is false.

TriMet responded on Twitter, after several people shared a posting on social media.

It was posted to the "I Love Lents" Facebook page, and says in part “my friend who works in the newsroom at KBOO heard a first-hand report that ICE agents are working with TriMet in immigration-heavy neighborhoods to conduct documentation raids.”

The message goes on to say, “The Powell garage is being raided. Please keep your wits about you.”

TriMet on Twitter says “There's a rumor going around spreading quickly about TriMet, our fare enforcers and ICE. It is absolutely false.”

TriMet also responded to several people on Twitter who asked questions. One TriMet response was, “We aren't involved in this type of activity. Period”