BEAVERTON, Ore. – A large tree fell Wednesday morning on a truck and two other cars, as parents dropped children off to school at Northwest Chinese Academy on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway.

The tree fell from the property next door into the school parking lot at about 8 a.m. No parents or children were hurt. The tree did fall on top of a truck with a father inside of it.

He had just dropped off his daughter, hopped back in his truck and was about to leave for work when he said the tree fell with a “big boom” on the truck.

“At that point, it’s about three seconds of shock,” the man said.

He had to climb out of the passenger door to get out. He said he's thankful his daughter was not inside the truck when the tree fell.

“It was a little spooky. I think it would have scared her quite a bit. So it was nice not to have her in the car.”

He added he was surprised at the size of the tree, when he finally got a look at the damage outside

“It was a nice thump in there, but it didn't justify the actual size!”

The tree also smashed a fence, a street light and two other cars, including Kris Wilson’s car. She had just bought it a year ago.

“I don't know what else to do. I don't know. Wait to see what the damage is. It’s crushed,” she said.

The tree fell from the property next door. The homeowner said it was checked a couple years ago and given a clean bill of health. She’s just as surprised as everyone else, and is thankful everyone is OK. THere's not an official cause as to why the tree fell, but parents say it was windy before it happened.

The tree and the wind storm have parents like Matt Hammond thinking about their own homes.

“Hopefully we won’t have any trees around my house go down,” said Hammond. “We did lose a big walnut tree in the snow. So this time, hopefully, the other ones are still standing too."