PORTLAND, Ore. – Highway 26 was reopened Wednesday afternoon after a landslide kept one lane closed overnight, the Oregon Department of Transportation said.

The slide occurred Tuesday afternoon one mile west of the Vista Ridge Tunnel. There were no reports of injuries or damaged vehicles.

ODOT opened one lane by 7 p.m. The far right lane remained closed through the night. All lanes were open at 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Throughout the morning, an excavator scooped up debris and scraped the hillside, removing loose or unstable material.

"It doesn’t look that bad from a quick drive by, however there is a lot of mud on this slope that if we leave it there it’s just going to continue to fall into the highway. So this is a precaution, that we clean this up so we make sure that we don’t have more of a slide," said Kimberly Dinwiddie with ODOT.