Everyone loves to celebrate funny and obscure holidays.

From National Hot Dog Day to Redhead Awareness Day, there seems to be a holiday for everything.

But what happens if it's "Crazy Hair Day" at your school and you don't have hair?

You do exactly what Gianessa did.

According to BuzzFeed, Gianessa was diagnosed with alopecia earlier this year and lost all of her hair.

While her head may have been follicle free, it didn't stop her from participating in the day's festivities.

To celebrate, Gianessa's mom got creative and decorated her head with colorful stickers and jewels so she didn't feel left out. She then shared the finished creation on Instagram.

It's crazy "head" day today! I must say she looks absolutely stunning! #alopecia #alopeciaareata #crazyhairday #baldisbeautiful #gorgeous #brave #firstgrade #youthinkyourehavingabadhairday

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Excellent work!