HAZEL DELL, Wash. -- The Clark County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public to help them identify a robbery suspect in Hazel Dell, Washington.

On June 1, 19-year-old Michelle Sanchez-Hernandez and her young siblings responded to an offer of a cell phone for sale at OfferUp.com. They agreed to meet with the person selling the phone at a sports complex in Hazel Dell.

Sanchez-Hernandez said when she and her younger siblings parked their car, things got weird fast.

“[He] approached my brother first and started mentioning how he had robbed his little sister. We were like super confused. We had never met this guy,” she said.

Sanchez-Hernandez's brother told the suspect they were going to call the cops, after which the suspect allegedly pulled up his sweater to show a gun tucked in his pants. He said, 'OK, call the cops, you'll see what happens,' and then demanded the money.

She said as they pulled up, her 14-year-old sister had a gut feeling that something was not quite right.

In addition to being able to snap a photo of the suspect, Sanchez-Hernandez also made mental notes.

“I did notice his hands. He had latex clear gloves on. I’m not sure why. He had a red cap on. He had black or dark gray sweats with some white Adidas shoes,” she said.

The photo of the suspect in an armed robbery on Saturday in Hazel Dell, Washington. (Photo: Clark County Sheriff's Office)

If anyone has information about the identification of the suspect or his location, please call Clark County Sheriff's Det. Kennison at 360-989-7803.

Both the Vancouver Police and Clark County Sheriff's Office have designated their parking lots as "Safe Exchange Zones."