PORTLAND, Ore. – Strong gusts of wind in the gorge made driving tricky, but fun for adventure-seekers at Crown Point.

Hamza Alshatari, from California, was one of the few people willing to brave the wind at Crown Point. “We were in Washington, actually, and we decide to visit Portland today, and we ended up here.”

With temperatures hovering at 30, and gusts of wind 50-60 mph, he could only stay out in the open for so long, before running for cover. With the wind gusts, KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill says the temperature at Crown Point feels like 5 degrees.

“It’s beautiful, I’ve been here last summer and it was more green! I’m barely standing right now,” said Alshatari.

If you want something less extreme, but still beautiful, visit one of gorge’s beautiful waterfalls. Despite ice and biting wind, some people went for a walk next to Horsetail Falls.

Parts of Interstate 84 are icy. Semi truck drivers have to chain up at certain times.

“It’ll practically pick you up if you’re not careful. The trailer will blow sideways if you’re not careful, so you have to go slow and take your time,” said Elaine Isbell, in the passenger seat of a semi truck.

She says chains are great for snow, but will not help in the wind. She says drivers need to drive slow, and use caution.