SHERIDAN, Ore.--A horse ran off in Sheridan and her owner is making pleas on social media for people to help.

According to a post on Charity Morgan's page reads in part "$100 reward for Roxy's return. Missing her so much. Please help!"

Morgan says her 20-year-old son was out riding with Roxy when the horse got spooked, causing Morgan's son to get bucked off and Roxy rode off fully tacked with a saddle and reigns still on her in rough terrain.

Roxy ran off into the nearby forest and people in the area say they have heard sounds of the horse whinnying. Unfortunately, no one has been able to locate Roxy which is why Morgan hopes making the disappearance public will help locate her.

The 8-year-old Arabian Mare went missing on May 27th on Rock Creek Road and Canyon Road in Sheridan. A post on the Facebook page Stolen Horse International has also mentioned the missing horse on their page.

Anyone who has info is urged to contact Charity on her Facebook page.