PORTLAND, Ore. – The Better Business Bureau is warning you to beware of holiday scams this season.

One scam to watch out for is fake charities, and be wary of charities that don’t disclose information to the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. That should raise a red flag. Check to make sure your donations are going to a legitimate charity, by visiting give.org.

If you love to use ride-sharing apps, make sure you check the validity of your driver. The BBB has received complaints of some scammers pretending to be Uber or Lyft drivers, and some will pose as a driver, take you to your destination, then overcharge you.

There’s a couple easy things you can do, to check to make sure your driver is the real deal.

“One thing you can do is check the app that will provide you a description of the car, the license plate, make and model, and then also a description of the driver,” said BBB spokesperson Stephen Mayer. “Always confirm that those match up before you get into that car.”

He says also, beware of “the grandparent scam.” That’s when a scammer will call you, and pretend to be a family member in need of money.

“When you get a call like that. Hang up, call that family member directly,” said Mayer. “Is something really going on? Get that confirmed before you just start handing over money.”

Another scam to be aware of, if you're looking to get-away, watch out for hoax websites and fake travel agencies, offering deals that seem that too good to be true, and ignore those pop up adds that offer you a free gift card. That’s scammers trying to get your personal information, so they can eventually steal your identity.