PORTLAND, Ore. -- Protesters camped outside of Mayor Charlie Hales' house packed up and left Saturday as high winds, rain and power outages continued in Portland, according to a report in The Oregonian.

About 75 people had camped overnight outside the mayor's house to protest his handling of a recently approved police union contract. They had vowed not to leave until he resigns.

Hales is not running for re-election and will be succeeded by Oregon State Treasurer Ted Wheeler in January, but some activists are urging immediate action.

But protest organizers told the newspaper Saturday morning that they didn't want to take unnecessary risks as the stormy weather moved in, and that they had already made a statement with the overnight protest.


On Friday, for the second time in three days, protesters took action to express concerns over the contract between the Portland police union and city government.

Protesters from Don't Shoot Portland and Black Lives Matter began marching through Portland Friday afternoon until they reached the home of Mayor Charlie Hales, who lives in the Eastmoreland neighborhood.

The group chanted outside, calling for the mayor to resign.

Many activists set up tents along the sidewalk and camped overnight. About 75 people stayed the night, and many were there Saturday morning and posting pictures to social media. Organizers said about 300 people had passed through the protest setting at some point.

On Wednesday, the Don't Shoot PDX group organized an eight-hour protest that included confrontations in and outside city hall between protesters and police.

Ten people were arrested during Wednesday's civil action, and several injuries were reported of either protesters or police officers.

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