Sunday, Monday and possibly even Tuesday may be some of the busiest travel days of the year as people head home after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Six-year-old Calen Fenwick was a ball of energy after sitting still on a plane from California to Oregon Sunday evening.

"I hate traveling," said Fenwick.

His grandfather, Jim Fenwick, accompanied Calen home to Oregon. He said traveling was insane on Sunday. It took almost an hour to get from the shuttle to the airport there.

"52 minutes for less than a mile," laughed Fenwick.

"People on the shuttle were missing their flights. It was crazy. People were getting off walking and running. It was insane," he continued.

"We are seeing more people travel this weekend than we've seen in a decade," said Marie Dodds with AAA Oregon/Idaho.

Dodds said it's a result of a better economy and cheaper gas. About 49-million Americans are traveling this year. 600,000 of them are Oregonians, and 90% of travelers are driving.

"Pack your patience," said Dodds.

Back at PDX, service men and women took a break from the hustle and bustle in the rest of the airport, relaxing upstairs in a special lounge just for active duty, reserve and retired military.

"We offer them snacks and beverages and a place to chill out and watch TV," said Karina Mangione-Yoder, a United Service Organization volunteer.

For many people serving in the military, it's a home away from home.

"You definitely feel well respected, well treated and loved," said Joshua Heard, who served in the United States Marine Corps.

Back downstairs, little Calen was just glad to be off the plane.

He and his grandmother were headed to Bend next. She said she's looked at road cameras and there's snow.

"My car does well in the snow so we're good," said Lauren Graham.

As for grandpa, he got back on a plane and took a red-eye flight home to Houston.

"I made it. He made it and that's all that matters," he laughed.

Airport officials said if people are traveling on Sunday or Monday it's a good idea to get to the airport a couple hours early.

Add an extra half hour if you're flying international.

But even for drivers hitting the roads, extra time is probably a good idea too. Snow is expected as pass level.