PORTLAND, Ore. - Hoping to make up for lost snow days, the board of Portland Public Schools voted Tuesday night to add two more days to the current school year.

Their vote extends the school year by one day, to Thursday, June 15.

The motion also converts a planning day on April 7 to a second school day.

The board had already voted in December and January to extend the school year for three total days to make up for snow closures.

The district received union approval to make the changes before voting.

Vancouver Public Schools received a waiver from the state, to waive four of its eight snow days. The last day for students will be Wednesday, June 21st.

The district requested the waiver for four of the eight days to reduce potential hardships for high school students who depend on summer employment, employees who enroll in continuing education programs and families who have planned and purchased summer vacation travel.

VPS’ board of directors approved the waiver request on Feb. 14, and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction granted the waiver in early March.