PORTLAND, Ore. – The Portland Japanese Garden is featuring an exhibit that unmasks ancient Japanese theater.

Mirrors of the Mind: The Noh Masks of Ohtsuki Kokun will be on display at the Japanese Garden until Dec. 3, and cost is included with the garden admission.

The show features 30 hand-carved authentic Noh masks, from the scary to the sweet, and just in time for Halloween.

Noh is one of the oldest forms of theater performed today, and has been handed down for more than 600 years.
Different from any other art for in Japan, a Noh Mask is the window to the soul, that captivates the audience by becoming its own character on stage.

“When they turn, their slightest expression changes based, on the light on the stage, and the movement of the performance ,” said Erica Heartquist, with the Japanese Garden.

The exhibit also shows off elegant costumes made from traditional silk looms.