PORTLAND, Ore. -- Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

A Portland man became a dog's best friend after the dog fell 14 stories from the balcony of a Southwest Portland high-rise. The little guy is a 5-year-old Bichon Frise named Mordy, and if Mordy could talk he would probably say "thank you" to the man who saved his life Saturday morning.

"I just looked out my window at my apartment at the apartment across the street. There was a dog that had ended up climbing through the railing on its balcony and it was perched on this little ledge," recalled Portland resident, Ted Nelson.

Nelson said Mordy was all the way up on the 14th floor of the building on Southwest Harrison Street.

"You could tell it was distressed," said Nelson.

Mordy looked like he was about to fall, so Nelson jumped into action.

"I said I might have to try and catch this dog," Nelson said.

He said he ran out and got right under Mordy, just in case. It's a good thing he did.

"Eventually it slipped," said Nelson.

"I just looked up at it and it was looking at me and it landed right in my chest… caught it for a minute, kind of fell, it did hit the ground. It let out a yelp but it was a huge relief to hear it yelp," he continued.

Afterward, Nelson and his girlfriend took Mordy to the vet to get checked out. The amazing catch is something people we spoke with said was nothing short of heroic.

"That's amazing. It's an incredible coincidence that he was there at the right time. But it was fantastic that he was able to save him," said Vicki Barron Sumann.

Nelson said this wasn't the first time he had to take action to save an animal. About a year ago he saw a cat about to fall off another balcony.

"The owners were home in that case. We were able to yell at them," he said.

After Nelson gave the owners a heads up, they quickly grabbed their cat and brought it inside. Nelson said he's just hoping he doesn't have to take action a third time.

"Hopefully that's it. Hopefully there's no more incidents," said Nelson.

Mordy went to the vet and it looks like he's doing okay, aside from a couple bruises.

Mordy's owner told KGW off camera that this has been pretty traumatizing for the family. He said thank God Ted Nelson was there to catch Mordy.

The owner wasn't the only one thankful for Nelson's good deed. PETA announced Nelson would receive a Compassionate Action Award for catching Mordy, along with a box of vegan cookies.

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