Incumbent Jay Inslee beat Republican challenger Bill Bryant, winning his second term as Washington governor.

Inslee grabbed 56% of the vote compared to Bryant's 44%, numbers showed Tuesday night.

Bryant publicly conceded on Wednesday. He said he called his Democratic opponent to congratulate him.

"Let's keep working to make Washington the best it can be," said Bryant.

Inslee won his first governor’s term in 2012.

Before that, Inslee served as a Washington State and U.S. Representative. As Governor, Inslee’s touted the investments he made in education, and improvements to transportation, including his $16 billion transportation package, which is the largest infrastructure plan Washington has passed.

Republican Bryant spent eight years as Seattle Port Commissioner. A businessman, Bryant also traveled extensively opening markets for Washington fruit growers and eliminating trade barriers.

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Video: Inslee acceptance speech (closed captioning)