PORTLAND, Ore. -- Donald Trump is coming to Portland.

The Republican presidential candidate will be here later this month, according to Jacob Daniels, Oregon State Director for the Trump campaign. The campaign is planning a rally and fundraiser.

The Trump campaign will be making a trip to the West Coast at the end of August as part of a countrywide fundraising push. The trip, which was first reported by The Washington Post, includes events in Napa, California, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland from Aug. 29 to 31.

"Mr. Trump is taking Oregon very seriously and he'll be out here very soon to campaign and to win the support," said Daniels.

Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier says the party will set up offices around the state to support Trump and other candidates.

"We're obviously excited to welcome Mr. Trump to Oregon," Currier said. "Mr. Trump and his campaign have made a firm commitment to the Oregon Republican Party to help us with statewide races in terms of fundraising and a coordinated ground effort.”

Some Portlanders expect protests if Trump has a rally in the Rose City.

"I feel like he'll have a lot of protesters," Katherine Carr said. "I think that Portland's a really liberal city and a really vocal city so I'm curious what that will look like and hopefully it's all peaceful protests."

"I think Portland people are extremely vocal about what they believe in and I think they won't be shy about what they feel about Donald Trump and how he's been running his campaign," said Jean-March Jalbert.

Trump visited Oregon once during the primary with a trip to Eugene in May, days after he became the presumptive nominee.

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Washington visit planned

The campaign is also planning a fundraiser and rally in Washington this month. Don Benton, the Trump Washington State Chair, says the fundraising location will be in King County.

"We absolutely know that Mr. Trump has committed to me personally that he will be here," Benton said.