SALEM, Ore. – Republican candidate for governor Dr. Bud Pierce says Donald Trump’s comments about groping women “are degrading, unbecoming and unacceptable period.”

Pierce released a statement Saturday morning:

"Mr. Trump's comments are degrading, unbecoming, and unacceptable period. As an individual, I find his comments deeply disturbing. In my life, I have always treated women with equality and respect, as demonstrated by my 35 year marriage, and my treatment of women as partners in our medical practice, and as valuable employees. As Governor, I will be committed to improving the lives of Oregon's women by initiating new and innovative programs to help with domestic violence, pay inequality, unaffordable child care, poverty in women of color, and all areas where Oregon's women face discrimination and unfairness."

The Republican nominee for governor threw his support behind Trump in May before saying last month that he was unsure of voting for Trump. Pierce said in September he did not believe Trump had been able to "rise to the occasion and unify the party" and was waiting to see "more from Donald Trump in the way of specific policy proposals and a more inclusive tone" before deciding whether to vote for him.

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When asked if Pierce thinks Trump should drop out of the race, the gubernatorial candidate responded via email, "There are questions surrounding if that is even an option. The process will play out, and I stand by my statement today and previous statements regarding how I view the presidential election."

Pierce was caught up in controversy last week when he said women with a good education and job are not susceptible to domestic violence.

“A woman that has a great education and training and a great job is not susceptible to this kind of abuse by men, women or anyone,” Pierce said in a debate in Portland on Sept. 30. That line drew loud boos and groans from several people in the audience.

Pierce has since apologized for his comments calling them “ignorant and potentially dangerous.”