SPOKANE, Wash. - Scores of protesters gathered outside the offices of Republican U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers to demand that the Affordable Care Act be saved.

People at Monday's protest in downtown Spokane also said they were upset by the actions of President Donald Trump.

The Spokesman-Review says several union leaders spoke at the rally, to caution against repealing the health care law without a replacement.

Protesters also chanted for McMorris Rodgers, a member of House leadership, to hold a town hall meeting in the district.

McMorris Rodgers has said President Barack Obama's health care law has caused costs to rise for most Americans. But she agrees with its provisions of covering pre-existing conditions and allowing children to remain on their parents' plans.

"One of our top priorities is to repeal and replace Obamacare," McMorris Rodgers said at the weekly Republican House leadership press conference Tuesday. "Our committees are going to work on tax credits, on health savings accounts, on Medicaid, on restoring a robust insurance market."

She said the replacement would work for everyone, including people with pre-existing conditions -- something that has been a key talking point for protesters who have rallied at congressional town halls across the country.

"We want people to be empowered, to make the best health care decisions for themselves. It's important to all of us. For all of us it's personal," said McMorris Rodgers.