PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler called into question tactics used by the Portland Police Bureau during a day of competing rallies earlier this month.

On Sunday, June 4, a "Trump Free Speech" rally took place in Terry Schrunk Plaza in downtown Portland. The rally was surrounded by three separate counter-protests.

Wheeler, in a letter addressed to Portland Police Chief Mike Marshman, praised the bureau for their work that day, noting the lack of major injuries and minimal arrests. But he also called into question some of the decisions made by officers.

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The mayor presented five questions in the letter and asked for response to all five points from Marshman by June 23.

  • Did Homeland Security, which was involved in the police response to the protests, receive assistance from citizens in providing security? Does the Portland Police Bureau have a policy about citizens helping in making arrests and how does the bureau work with event organizers on security planning?
  • What factors were considered when Portland Police Bureau decided to dress officers in riot gear for the protests. What evaluations are made about when officers will wear riot gear.
  • Why were crowd-control devices deployed when moving counter-protesters out of Chapman Park? Was the determination to use crowd-control devices communicated to the group of counter-protesters before their deployment?
  • Does the bureau do to ensure that those protesting peacefully and following instructions aren't affected by the deployment of crowd-control devices?
  • Identification was requested of people in a large group that was detained at 4th and Morrison on June 4. Photographs were taken of the identification before people were released. Why was the group detained and what does the bureau plan to do with the photos of identification?

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