PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland’s housing crisis, deteriorating infrastructure and the looming threat of an earthquake are just some of the issues facing the rapidly growing city. Either Chloe Eudaly or incumbent Steve Novick will take on the critical work of guiding Portland through the next four years. We asked the city council candidates for the top three things they would do to tackle some of the city’s biggest problems.

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Problem: The Housing Crisis



1. Support the housing bond

2. Create more middle housing in neighborhoods where it makes sense

3. End no-cause eviction


1. Rent stabilization

2. More funding for affordable housing

3. Financing mechanism for an affordable accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on every block

Problem: Portland needs more good-paying jobs



1. Licensing reciprocity for immigrants with professional licenses in their home country

2. A permits system responsive to the needs of business

3. A functioning transportation system which is critical to a functioning economy


1. Comprehensive cleanup for the Portland Harbor Superfund site

2. Community Benefits Agreements for all city contracts that would guarantee jobs and economic opportunity for those most in need

3. Financing for clean energy upgrades

Problem: Low Public education performance, graduation rates



(Novick notes: The city does not have responsibility for the schools.)

1. We can make it easier for people to bike and walk to school

2. Start high school classes later in the morning, because teenagers are biologically wired to sleep later, and do not learn well when sleep-deprived.

3. I have a personal interest in promoting more civics education


1. Prioritize affordable housing for homeless students

2. Prioritize affordable housing for teachers

3. De-link funding formula from student attendance

Problem: Traffic and poor roads



1. Gas tax improvements

2. Build "Southwest Corridor" light rail from Portland to Tualatin

3. Reducing crashes, which are a major cause of traffic jams


1. Implement Vision Zero

2. Allow creative, community-led traffic safety improvements until permanent improvements are in place

3. More affordable housing closer to jobs will decrease traffic

Problem: Inequity



1. Reciprocal licensing

2. Transportation investments in underserved areas

3. Hiring a more diverse workforce – the city is now undertaking a commitment to hire and accommodate more people with disabilities


1. Implement Community Benefit Agreements on city projects that will create job and economic opportunities for historically marginalized members of our community

2. Reform our criminal justice system

3. Meaningfully involve people of color, people with disabilities as well as refugees and immigrants in city decision-making processes

Problem: Inefficiency at city council



1. Change the system of government to a city manager system, which will make it easier to set citywide priorities and to resolve disputes between bureaus

2. Short of that, do a better job of ensuring we on the council know each other’s top priorities, so we can try to support each other on those while recognizing that we have disagreements on other issues


1. Meaningfully involve the community in decision-making processes

2. Eliminate the influence of special interests by implementing a new campaign finance system

3. Allow community groups to aggregate power by implementing a proportional voting system, or create district-elected positions on city council

Problem: Portland is unprepared for an earthquake



1. Adopting regulations requiring retrofits of unreinforced masonry buildings

2. Ongoing education of the public on issues like home retrofits

3. Continuing efforts to protect infrastructure, like the water bureau’s efforts to make reservoirs seismically sound

4. Build a new pipe across the Willamette that will survive a quake so that the west side will have water


1. Financing for earthquake retrofits

2. Better support and promote Neighborhood Emergency Teams, including increased training to aid seniors and people with disabilities

3. Subsidize emergency supply packages comprised of products produced in Oregon

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