VANCOUVER, Wash … A Vancouver woman believes she is the victim of voter shaming and she is thinking about taking action.

“Very upset,” said Brittney Corey.

Corey went out to the mailbox Tuesday and she found a flier with her name prominently featured. There were nine other names below her name. Alongside the names were addresses and whether or not each person voted in the three previous elections.

“It’s like they’re bullying people into voting,” said Corey. “To blast me around the neighborhood doesn’t feel like it’s right.”

GOPAC Education Fund claims responsibility for mailing the flyer.

The organization, which features the slogan "Educating and Electing a New Generation of Republican Voters" had yet to get back to KGW as of late Tuesday.

Ironically, the flier arrived in Corey’s mailbox the day after she voted in this current election.

The same tactic is being used in Arizona.