PORTLAND, Ore. -- Nearly 37 percent of ballots have been returned in Oregon as of Thursday, Nov. 3.

With five days until the election, 938,653 ballots have been returned from the 2,567,690 eligible voters in Oregon, a percentage of 36.6 percent.

Some counties have exceeded 50 percent: Curry (50.3), Harney (51.3) and Wheeler (54.8). Clackamas County has the lowest percentage of ballots returned with 32.7 percent, followed by Lane County with 32.9 percent.

DOCUMENTS: See the data for ballot returns for each county in Oregon

Here's a list of some of the counties around the Portland area, with their return percentage:

  • Multnomah County: 182,228 or 512,193 (35.6 percent)
  • Washington County: 116,899 or 339,576 (34.4 percent)
  • Marion County: 64,970 or 181,567 (35.8 percent)
  • Clackamas County: 88,029 or 269,411 (32.7 percent)

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