A major project organized by ProPublica is tackling reports of voter fraud, intimidation and other issues across the country.

It's called Electionland and it's backed by 700 journalists and students along with several major companies.

Google News Lab and Pitch Interactive built an interactive map that shows what various parts of the country are searching for online. Circles have various colors. Red indicates searches for voter intimidation. Purple is a search for long wait times. The map shows what people are concerned about.

Voters in the Portland area today were thinking about trouble with the vote.

“I’ve heard stuff and I’m concerned about it. The vote being suppressed thing, people not going to the polls because they heard something,” said one man.

Which is not to say everyone thinks the system is rigged.

“If you look at statistics the voter fraud claims nationally are next to, statistically, zero. I have no doubt whatsoever that the system is not rigged as they say," said Bob Walsh in Northwest Portland.

Electionland is harnessing social media, crowdsourcing and several other tools along with the journalists and students' reporting.

If a problem is reported by someone near one of the reporters, they'll quickly work to find the facts or sound the alert that its false.

The project shot down an earlier report by TMZ that elections officials in New York and California said they were worried about fraud.

Reed college professor Paul Gronke thinks Electionland is a great idea.

“I don’t think it’s going to be so much before the election as afterwards. When we talk about it, you're going to again be able to provide some context and nuance to a story that otherwise would be dominated by the loudest and most extreme voices,” he said.