PORTLAND, Ore. -- A sizable chunk of Americans believe that the upcoming election could be swayed by widespread fraud.

According to a recent poll by politico.com, 41 percent of those surveyed say they believe the election could be "stolen" from Donald Trump.

So, are they right? Can Americans trust the integrity of our elections? We asked local elections officials about security and they say, from their perspective, the results of the election would be virtually impossible to manipulate.

“Our building here in Multnomah County is one of the most secure buildings in the county,” said Multnomah County Elections Officer Tim Scott.

VIDEO: KGW's Dave Northfield talks about the potential for voter fraud

Scott is used to scrutiny, but it’s different this year, with one of the major party presidential candidates talking about rigged elections and widespread fraud.

So Scott talks about all the ways ballots are kept secure. Oregon's vote by mail system brings paper ballots into the building, where they are scanned by a computer. But what about hacking?

“We're never connected to the internet, we're never connected to the county network, so nobody could hack this system,” Scott said.

All 36 counties in Oregon operate by the same playbook, and elections experts say with so many moving parts managed by local jurisdictions, the system would be virtually impossible to defraud on a scale large enough to sway the result.

Voters we spoke with still believe in the integrity of the system, but agree that it needs constant oversight.

"I would like to hope that with the election you would have the highest amount of security for these machines," said voter Dean Hanson.

While there have been small examples of election fraud over the past 15 years, including one in Clackamas County in 2013, they have all involved just a handful of votes, not nearly enough to have an impact on the result.