SALEM, Ore. -- Despite rumors to the contrary, mailing in an Oregon ballot will only require one first-class stamp, according to state officials.

"The Elections Division has been receiving a high volume of calls asking whether Oregon ballots require two stamps or one to be delivered by the post office," said spokeswoman Molly Woon. "We have surveyed all 36 counties, and all Oregon ballots require only one first class or forever stamp."

Stories have been spreading on social media sites about ballots requiring at least two stamps, but Woon said Monday those stories pertain to ballots in some counties in California, Washington and Colorado.

In Washington, those counties include Snohomish, Whatcom and Douglas.

In Washington's Douglas County, the elections office has included a bright-colored sticker to warn people whose ballots require extra postage. There and in many other cases, ballots will still be counted and local post offices say they'll pick up the tab if someone fails to include that extra postage.

Oregon ballots can also be dropped off at any of the drop box locations listed here.

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