SALEM, Ore. -- This election cycle has seen Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump make unprecedented claims that the election is “rigged” by the media or by people working for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump has claimed that deceased Democrats will have ballots cast in their name. That polls are rigged. That undocumented immigrants will vote. Trump has even said he will only accept the results of the election if he wins.


Donald J. Trump


The election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing Crooked Hillary - but also at many polling places - SAD

10:01 AM - 16 Oct 2016

Trump’s claims are unsubstantiated, but elections officials worry they may prompt some voters to sit out the election and others to monitor polling places for voter fraud, raising concerns of intimidation among Democrats.

So, we asked: Could a rigged election actually happen?

In Oregon, at least, tampering with an election is essentially impossible, Oregon Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins said in an interview.

Atkins also sent a letter to state lawmakers assuring them that Oregon's election systems are secure. She said she has the "utmost confidence" in the systems, and that rigging the election would be "virtually impossible."

She detailed a number of safeguards designed to make voters the only ones deciding Oregon elections: