Donald Trump is catching up.

To Ted Cruz, that is. Trump's fundraising total, as of Aug. 31, is finally approaching that of the final candidate the New York real estate executive vanquished in the Republican primary.

According to Portland Business Journal research, Trump's Oregon fundraising total had reached $441,121 in Oregon by Aug. 31, the last date for which full federal election data is available. In contrast, Cruz raised $555,425 in advance of the primary.

View the slideshow of Trump's top 20 Oregon contributors

Trump's total is about one-sixth the amount raised in Oregon by Hillary Clinton, his Democratic presidential opponent.

As shown in the infographic below, both candidates drew their biggest monthly contributions from Oregon in August, so September and October totals could be even higher.

Nationwide, Trump raised $165.9 million, less than half of Clinton's $373.3 million.

As part of the Business Journal's Campaign Cash package, we're taking another look at who's giving what to whom. Tomorrow, we'll be giving the same treatment to the Clinton campaign.

Click through on the slides above — painstakingly designed by the PBJ's Briana Finney to learn about Trump's biggest Oregon benefactors.

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