When looking at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's top Oregon donors, one could argue that there's a 27-way tie for first.

Well, technically, anyway.

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That's because, in terms of individual donors directly to her campaign, 27 benefactors gave $5,400, the maximum amount allowable by federal election rules, as of Aug. 31.

The data tracks donations through Aug. 31, the latest date for which data is available.

In contrast, just three Oregon-based contributors gave the maximum amount to Donald Trump's campaign over the same time period.

Clinton raised money from exactly 5,000 Oregonians through Aug. 31. She's raised six times as much in the state as Trump.

And, as the infographic below indicates, Clinton drew her biggest monthly contributions from Oregon in August. September and October figures, as a result, could be even higher. Trump's contributions, meanwhile, peaked in July.

Nationwide, Clinton, who's collected $373.3 million, has doubled Trump's fundraising figures.

The Oregon names include some of the most familiar leaders — brands, even — in the state. Click through for a look at Clinton's top Oregon boosters.

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