Republican candidate for governor Dr. Bud Pierce offered a second, stronger apology on Wednesday after saying last week that women with good education and a job are not susceptible to domestic violence.

“This is wrong, as domestic violence occurs in all economic groups,” Pierce said in a written statement that he also read on a live Facebook broadcast. “I apologize for this ignorant and potentially dangerous statement. I especially wish to apologize to all the victims of domestic violence.”

Gov. Kate Brown, Pierce’s chief opponent, appeared shaken when Pierce made his statement during a debate last Friday. Her campaign later explained that Brown herself had been a victim a domestic violence when she was much younger.

Brown told KGW’s Laural Porter on Wednesday that she felt compelled to share her story because of a recent report showing that half of women and girls in Oregon have reported being the victim of some form of domestic or sexual violence.

Porter asked Brown if she accepted Pierce’s latest apology.

“I think that’s up to the one million girls and women through the state of Oregon that have been impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault,” Brown said.

Pierce put out a statement on Friday saying he apologized to anyone who took his comments the wrong way. On Monday a group of female state lawmakers and domestic abuse victim’s advocates denounced his comments and said his apology was inadequate.

In his second apology, Pierce explained that he previously has had very little experience with domestic violence, aside from supporting a women’s shelter and child abuse center.

He said that since Friday he has read more about domestic violence and spoke with people who reached out to help him.

“My eyes have been opened and I join the battle against domestic violence,” Pierce said.