SALEM, Ore. -- The Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony Monday morning on two bills aiming to increase scrutiny of gun sales.

More: Watch a replay of our Facebook Live video from the hearing

Senate Bill 764 requires a study by the Oregon State Police on why some concealed carry applications are denied. The OSP would report back on or before Feb. 1 2019.

Senate Bill 797 would close the loophole that allows a gun sale to go forward if a background check has not been completed within three days. It would require a background check to be performed and completed before a sale can happen, with no limit on how long the check could take.

Senate Bill 868 allows a process by which a court can find that a person is an imminent risk, or at risk "in the foreseeable future" of suicide or of causing harm to others.

Gun rights activists, including the Oregon Firearms Federation, promised a strong showing at the Monday hearing. The National Rifle Association has Senate Bill 797 on its legislative watch list.