Shopping for the person who has everything?

The Washington State Department of Transportation might have just what you’re looking for! An 86-year-old, rust-covered, steel, pony truss bridge over the Newaukum River on SR-508 in Onalaska.

The bridge itself is free but it could cost the new owner tens of thousands of dollars to move it. The bridge is in no structural condition for much of anything right now, but perhaps for someone out there, it's just what they need.

“This bridge was built in 1930 and for the last 86 years, served the community well,” said WSDOT engineer, Casey Liles.

Last year, the bridge itself crossed over. WSDOT Inspectors deemed the it unsafe for traffic and built a temporary bridge over it, pending construction of a new bridge. Now they're looking for a taker for the old one.

“It's a unique opportunity for us, it's not something we get to do every day,” said Liles.

The National Historic Preservation Act requires they at least try to preserve the bridge before sending it to the scrapper.

“We've got a couple people interested in it already,” said Liles.

WSDOT planned to market the bridge for about six months before determining whether or not it could be repurposed. The new owner would be able to move it in late 2018. Plenty of time, said Liles, for a potential owner to raise money or grants to complete the move.

“The 508 bridge of is one of only 13 pony truss bridges left for public use in Washington,” said Liles. We wanted to preserve the historic value of it.”

Those interested in acquiring the bridge can email WSDOT at