PORTLAND, Ore. -- Ask folks in Portland whether they prefer snow or rain, and surprisingly it can be a bit of a toss-up.

"I'm fine with snow," said Marc Alport, who lives in Portland. But his wife? Not so much.

"It's freezing up here. I don't want it to snow. I'm ready for some warm weather," Sharon Alport said.

KGW caught up with the couple Sunday at Skyline Restaurant on Skyline Boulevard in Northwest Portland. It's an area that often sees snow when temperatures drop. The couple reacted to the latest forecast, which called for snow showers down to about 500 feet Sunday night through Monday morning.

"Very depressing," said Jeff Fishback. "I'm going to say, again? I'm ready for spring."

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Folks to the south saw snow. Race for the Cure runners were huffing and puffing through the snow on Sunday. A winter weather advisory was in effect for Salem and surrounding areas until 10 a.m. Monday, and Polk and Marion counties saw the most snow overnight and Monday morning.

In the Portland metro area, there were some dustings in low elevations overnight and Monday morning, but accumulation outside of the mid-valley was mostly confined to areas higher than 500 feet in the Portland metro area.

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On Sunday, crews were ready to go.

"They're on standby. We're going to call them up. They'll be on the roads if we get some bad winter conditions out there," said Don Hamilton with the Oregon Department of Transportation on Sunday. "We may need plows, we may need sand. Maybe we'll even need some de-icer if conditions really deteriorate out there, but we're watching really carefully."

Folks we spoke to at Skyline Restaurant were paying attention too. With all the winter weather the Portland area has seen this season, they're prepared for the worst, just in case.

"I was stuck on the Fremont Bridge one night for four hours. So I'm very versed," Fishback said, laughing.

"I don't mind the snow," Alport said.

Alport's wife, Sharon, had a different opinion.

"I'll take the rain any day," she said.