CORNELIUS, Ore. – Matija Belavic called the homemade weapon a "clown tickler."

He made it right before last Halloween, when people were spreading stories about evil clowns, reported the Washington County Sheriff's Office. He wanted to show his two scared children he'd protect them.

No clowns ever materialized. Instead, he used it Saturday night against his wife.

He didn't swing it at her, but he "held it in a threatening manner," a police spokesman said. He was arrested and charged with menacing.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the family's house on South Elder Court at about 8 p.m. Saturday on reports that 31-year-old Belavic was angry and had threatened his wife with a weapon.

Police think he was drunk. He wanted to go to the bar to drink more. She wouldn't give him money or the car keys.

In his fit, he damaged his house. He raked windows with a pitchfork, then broke a door to get in, possibly believing it was locked, police said.

By the time deputies arrived on scene, he had left the family's house entirely. They found him down the street.

Belavic was booked into the Washington County Jail on $25,000 bail.