PORTLAND, Ore. -- An abandoned house in North Portland has new life after attracting squatters and trash for months.

KGW first reported about the house at 5774 N. Williams Ave. last spring.

After our story, the city responded to neighbors' complaints and cleared tons of garbage from around the property.

Collection of junk at an abandoned North Portland home

Now, eight months later, the house is for sale.

Home renovation company, 2nd Story Investments, purchased the home. Buyer Jason Rucker said after clearing floor-to-ceiling trash from inside the house, he invested around $150,000 in it. The home is listed under Exceptional Homes by John L. Scott for $599,000.

“We've already heard from some of the neighbors that they're very appreciative to see a ‘zombie home’ kind of brought back to life,” said real estate broker Adam Shepard.“It was a monster amount of effort—we had five or six dumpsters of garbage that we took out of here.”

Shepard said the home would be open for the public to view from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

The city says abandoned houses are a big nuisance in Portland. They're often backlogged with complaints to clean the sidewalks and streets around them.

Photos: 'Zombie House' in North Portland renovated