TROUTDALE, Ore. -- Day two of the howling winds in the gorge sent just about everything that wasn't secured flying in Troutdale.

It ripped shingles off rooftops, blew down fences, and sent garbage cans sliding down the street.

"As soon as the garbage man comes we have to go pick it up otherwise it would be a couple houses over," said Shawn Ueda.

The wind was strong enough to rip the metal roofing off of a fruit stand and strong enough to keep workers at one construction site off the rooftops where they were supposed to be working. The 50 mph wind gusts made it too dangerous.

Crews say a lot of their work over the last couple of days has involved just keeping things from flying around.

"A four 4-by-8 foot sheet of plywood that comes off the ground in this wind, which can happen, could really do some damage," said Jeremy Symolon with Bremik Construction.

The powerful east winds also caused problems for drivers heading through the Gorge.

"Cars are doing fine but anybody pulling a trailer... you can watch the trailers kind of float, they kind of pick up in the air, they'll rock back and forth," said truck driver John Gregory.