SALEM, Ore. -- A McKay High School student who had been missing since Monday, Oct. 31 is now home safe, several relatives reported via Facebook.

Giselle Maria Maldonado, 16, was last seen attending her first period class Monday morning, said her mother Evelia Serrato. She was back at home and safe Thursday evening, relatives said.

Serrato said a representative from McKay notified her at around 6 p.m. Monday evening that her daughter did not attend any classes following first period.

Her mother checked with school officials to see if the school's surveillance system taped Maldonado leaving the premises, but was told there was no footage of her daughter.

Serrato said her daughter's cellphone and social media accounts have been inactive since Monday, which is unusual for her teenager who is typically attached to her cellphone.

Maldonado's mother said it is unlike her daughter to leave school and run away. She and her mother went shopping for a new pair of Converse sneakers the night before.

"In the morning when I dropped her off she was normal," Serrato said.

"There is something going on, so maybe she met someone older for her to be gone for so many days," Serrato said.

Lt. Dave Okada of the Salem Police Department said police took a runaway report on Monday, but the report does not suggest there are any suspicions of foul play regarding her disappearance.

Her mother reached out to Maldonado's current boyfriend and ex-boyfriend for clues to her whereabouts, but both said they don't have any information.

Anyone with information should contact Salem Police Department at 503-588-6123.