HAGG LAKE, Ore. -- Wednesday was the first day over 70 degrees in a long time.

“We're definitely excited, said paddleboarder Tanner Stewart. “Everyone is pumped about it.”

People at Hagg Lake say they have been patiently waiting.

“Has it ever been a long time coming,” said Dan Greenstein after a day of fishing.

People seemed to be enjoying the weather all around the water, but not many were wearing life jackets.

“It can be uncomfortable, especially with rowing,” said Tanner.

Tanner and his sister say they don't wear the life jackets, but they do keep them close by. They do make sure their big pup Tiberius is nice and secure, and it isn’t easy shopping for the stocky mastiff.

“It is hard to find one that will hold 104 pounds,” said Tanner’s sister.

Nearby, new recruits from all over Oregon were training for the worst.

They are learning how to make fast turns, emergency stops, and water rescues.

They say people's lives may depend on it, especially if they don't wear life jackets around the water.

“We have high water. It is going to be cold,” said Marine Board Boating Safety program manager Randy Henry. “If we have 80s on weekends and have 55-degree water, people are not going to be ready for that.”

There were 19 water-related deaths in Oregon last year.