PORTLAND, Ore. – A truck hauling grain crashed and damaged traffic signals in Southwest Portland Tuesday afternoon. The cleanup took all night but lanes were open for the Wednesday morning commute.

A surveillance video captured a wall of grain slamming into the lobby of an apartment, hurling a man from a chair.

The man in the video, Ken Bradley, was watching 'Miami Vice' on the lobby television when the grain flies into the lobby. He suffered a minor cut to the head.

It took hours to literally suck the grain out of the buidling.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation closed downtown streets overnight to allow crews to make repairs.

Southwest 13th Avenue was closed from Columbia Street to Market Street.

Market Street was also closed from 12th to 13th avenues, and traffic from eastbound Highway 26 was directed to travel south on 13th Avenue to Montgomery and 12th Avenue to return to Market Street eastbound.

Southwest Clay Street remained open for westbound travel through the area to Highway 26.