SEATTLE, Wash. — By day he is a mild-mannered landscaper. The rest of the time he’s a world traveler, or at least his face is.

It started three years ago when a bunch of friends asked Ben Kohler to take a trip with them to Mexico. He couldn’t make it, so the friends crafted a Flat Stanley-like version of him which partied as a proxy south of the border.

Since then “Mini Ben” has been to at least 37 countries including Vietnam and Australia. He has been photographed atop a hill in Mongolia and on the frozen tundra of Antarctica.

The paper doll Ben also had his picture taken with the likes of Jeff Foxworthy, Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Being a one-dimensional globetrotter is busy work, so more than 12,000 versions of Mini Ben have been printed up, laminated and sent out to travel the world.

“To be honest, I’m kind of jealous of all the places he’s been to,” Kohler said, who has only ever traveled to Mexico and Nova Scotia.

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Video: Mini-Ben travels the world