You could hear the pain in their voices. Cole Burbank’s parents made a plea to anyone who has information about their missing son.

“Cole we just want to tell you that we love you very much and we want everything to be okay,” said Cole’s dad, Matt Burbank.

At this point, details are scarce. It's unknown if there was an accident, foul play, or if something else happened. Cole was last seen on Thursday leaving Camas High School.

An image of Cole from Thursday morning.

“Please let us know you're safe. We are very worried,” said Burbank.

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Through Facebook, family friends have helped organize searches. One group of about 30 volunteers looked for Cole or any sign of him on Sunday night. Many showed up because they saw the plans to search on Facebook. Some of the people who decided to participate in the search don't know Cole or his family. They showed up anyway.

"I have two young kids and I just said if this were my child I would want somebody out here doing this for me," said Renee Morgan, one of the volunteers.

The group didn't find any leads. Family and friends say it is out of character for Cole to disappear like this, and there was no argument or incident that would have caused him to leave.

While there are few clues as to what may have happened, Cole's family is grateful for the community's support.

“Anything helps and we do appreciate all the hundreds and thousands of people who are helping,” Burbank said.

Cole was last seen wearing a black and red checkered shirt, jeans and a blue hat as he left Camas High to attend Running Start classes at Clark College. He was driving a 2010 black Honda Accord. His car is also missing. Cole's cell phone was last pinged just north of Clark College.

Cole Burbank

While there have been some leads, nothing has panned out. His parents are asking people to report any tips to police.

“You just never know when it might match up with somebody else’s lead so please don't be shy,” said Michelle Burbank, Cole’s mom.

“We will do whatever it takes to bring Cole home. Love, Mom and Dad. Love you, Cole,” Cole’s father and mother said.

Volunteers have tried just about everything. People have been walking, driving, and flying drones, all to find Cole.

If you'd like to get involved in the search, please visit the search party's Facebook page to sign up.