KELSO, Wash. -- A Kelso police officer took down a sign Tuesday that contained one of the lewd statements made about groping women by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the 2005 video released last week.

Kelso resident Curtis Hart made the sign and posted it. He said he was trying to start a conversation.

“This whole situation with Donald Trump saying that and everybody just blowing it off,” he said. “As soon as I put up the signs around town, those same people are like, ‘Well, that’s just repugnant, that’s disgusting, why would you do that?’

“Well, because if you have no problem with saying it, then you should have no problem with everybody seeing it,” Hart said.

Kelso police responded after a woman called Wednesday morning saying the sign was inappropriate and vulgar.

Kelso Police Sgt. Damon Blain took down the sign because he said it violated the city code of disorderly conduct because it appeared to be encouraging sexual assault.

The sign was also posted within 500 feet of an elementary school.

Hart, who was allowed to keep his sign, said he is neither a supporter of Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump. He said his signs are protected by free speech, and if they continue to be taken down, he’ll put them back up somewhere else.