BEAVERTON, Ore. – A driver hit two people before crashing her car inches away from a busy Beaverton restaurant Tuesday evening.

Beaverton police said it appeared the driver, 71-year-old Christine Hayward, had a medical emergency while driving on Murray Boulevard near Bonnie Brae about 5 p.m.

She drove erratically for two blocks, hitting a car and then striking 38-year-old bicyclist Larry Connor at Murray and Allen. Connor was either pushed into a second vehicle, or it was struck by Hayward, whose car left the roadway and flipped.

Before it came to a rest, the car struck 28-year-old Cami Wann, who was sitting outside a McMenamin's restaurant. An injury status for a second person outside the restaurant was not available.

Connor suffered serious injuries. Wann's injuries were minor. Both were taken to a hospital by ambulance. Hayward was airlifted to a hospital. Hayward's dog Wallaby was not injured and was being cared for by family friends.

Police said the driver suffered an apparent medical emergency before crashing the car.

"This was truly a medical related incident, and there are no charges at this time," said police spokesman Mike Rowe. "Everyone involved is extremely lucky that there were no lives lost or any other people injured. This could have been so much worse."