HILLSBORO, Ore. - A judge has approved a three-month delay in the trial of a convicted rapist accused of killing a Washington County woman in August 2014.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports Judge Kirsten Thompson granted the delay because the former lead detective failed to turn over all evidence to the prosecution or defense for review.

Opening statements had been scheduled to start this week in the trial of Jaime Tinoco-Camarena. He's charged with aggravated murder in the stabbing death of Nicole Laube.

Report: Nicole Laube described attacker before she died

Tinoco, then 17 years old, wasn't connected to the murder until he was arrested a month later for beating and raping a woman outside of Autzen stadium. Police found out during that investigation that he lived across the street from the complex where Laube was killed.

A Eugene detective finally found solid evidence linking Tinoco to Laube's killing seven months after it happened. He was indicted on aggravated murder and unlawful use of a weapon charges in April 2015.

Laube's family speaks out after murder arrest

"I just don't know how one could predict the murderous mentality and complete disregard for human life of Mr. Tinoco before these two cases," Washington County Sheriff Pat Garret said after the arrest.

Tinoco is currently serving a 14-year sentence for the rape, and the victim has filed a lawsuit against Washington County. Tinoco was already on juvenile probation for other crimes during both of the violent attacks.