BEAVERTON, Ore. – One day after a father shot and killed his two children and then himself in an apparent murder-suicide in Beaverton, community members were attempting to cope with the tragic news.

According to Beaverton police, the two deceased children, identified as 8-year-old Lehua Elaysea Enfield and 6-year-old Lakalo Vergara Enfield, attended Greenway Elementary School.

Josh Summerfield said his daughter, a student at Greenway, watched the news with him Wednesday after the shooting happened.

“I don't know if I can say much without crying right now,” he said. Summerfield said he doesn’t know the family, but the news has affected a lot of people, including his daughter.

“She shared some tears out of concern because she doesn’t know if she knows the children or not, and even if she doesn’t know them, it’s still a tragic thing," Summerfield said.

The school is about a half-mile from the apartment complex where the shooting happened.

“It's a little emotional. you know. just two little innocent lives taken for what seems like probably a senseless reason," said mother Anne Marie Milicich.

"It’s hard when you have these little ones in your house, and their lives are so precious. It’s as if it was a school shooting," Milicich said.

The Beaverton School District said 10 to 12 extra counselors are on hand at Greenway to help in any way they can.

"They will set up a safe room for the youngsters," said district spokesperson Maureen Wheeler. "They will come in and they will do age-appropriate activities with the students."

The shooting occurred at the Redwood Creek Apartments, near Southwest Hall and Greenway boulevards. Police said they believe the father, 36-year-old Lakalo Kawika Enfield, was the shooter.

Police said the mother of the two children left the apartment to get help, and when she returned she found the children dead in their apartment. Neighbors called 911 at around 4:30 p.m.

When officers first entered the apartment, they thought the children and father were dead. However, as they left the apartment to preserve the crime scene, a shot was fired.

"They made entry and they saw an adult male and two children which they believed to be all deceased, then they backed out to preserve the crime scene and that's when they heard an additional shot from inside," said Officer Jeremy Shaw.

Police then re-entered the home and confirmed all three people were dead.

On Thursday, Beaverton police said they responded on Sept. 29 to a report of a verbal disturbance between Lakalo Enfield and his wife at the apartment where the killings happened. Police said there were no signs of assault and Enfield agreed to leave and go to a relative's home.

There were no other calls to the apartment until Wednesday.