Washington State Patrol blocked recruiting ads from appearing on Breitbart News on Tuesday following community backlash.

“The agency does not believe some of the views on the website reflect the WSP’s value of a diverse workforce who serves and engages with many different communities,” WSP wrote in a blog post. “In addition, the web content does not embody our mission of service with humility.”

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of a state patrol recruiting ad on the controversial right-leaning news website on Monday, upset that WSP would associate itself with the organization.

WSP said in a blog post that they contract with a Seattle-based advertising agency to place recruiting ads on Facebook. The agency uses Facebook algorithms to target ads that follow the user and not the content. If a person fits WSP’s candidate profile, they are more likely to see WSP ads while searching content on Facebook.

However, State Patrol has asked the ad agency to relocate the ads that appeared on Breitbart.

“I don’t know if that’s the content that we would want to be advertised on,” State Patrol spokesman Kyle Moore told The News Tribune. “I’ll just leave it at that.”