CARLTON, Ore. -- A first of its kind art gallery is opening this weekend in Carlton.

Not only will it offer guests the physical experience of viewing the art, it will give them a virtual experience too.

The gallery is called Wallow. It is in the heart of downtown Carlton.

Along its walls, you'll find beautiful works of art.

For the month of March, the exhibit features 25 watercolors by well-known local artist Lynn Powers, who died last year of heart attack.

Ben Powers is Lynn's son. He founded the gallery in her honor, even named it after one of her favorite sayings.

"My mother used to say all the time that she was an artist who wallowed in color," he said.

After his mother's death, Powers decided he wanted to share her passion for art with others. He started a nonprofit foundation called Wallow along with the gallery.

"In the aftermath of that grieving process and trying to figure out what to do, this is the idea I came up with," said Powers.

The idea was to allow visitors the opportunity to not only see the artwork itself up close, but to also give people a chance to look into the artist's studio.

"Up to now you go into an art gallery and you see the final product, but you don't really get a sense of why or where it comes from and that's a big part of the story," said Powers.

So he is giving his visitors a chance to see that story through virtual reality viewers and a V.R. display.

Visitors can virtually walk through the artist's studio and see where they created their artworks.

The Wallow Gallery will donate all of its profits to art education and increasing awareness of the arts.

Powers says it was his mother's passion, and now, it's his.

"There's a heck of a lot more behind why that painting looks the way it does and behind who produced it," said Powers. "And with our technology and our virtual tools, we can tell much more about that story and that's what, when you boil it down, we're trying to do."

The Wallow Gallery is holding its grand opening this Saturday. Admission is always free.